Summoners War Water Phoenix Fusion: Why Its Important for A Player

Posted on Apr 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

In the game of Summoners war, the progress revolves around its characters, the monsters. You just cant name them all because there are too many in this game, but all of them dont help in progress in the gameplay. The important skills you need to learn in this game is sacrificing, fusing and awakening monsters. Lets first categorize Summoners war monsters. They are usually categorized as 2, 3, 4- and 5-star monsters.

Fusion Hexagram

The aim should apparently be to transform lower grade monsters to higher grade monsters. This is done by Fusion Hexagram, a special type of Summoning Circle. A player proceeds with sacrificing lower grade monsters to evolve or fuse higher grade monsters and to awake them. Remember, all monsters are not available for summoning in this way. Certain monsters can be summoned and a player would need to learn the technique to summon them. These monsters can be found either in Scenario areas or Secret Dungeons, though summoning through Mystical Scrolls, Unknown Scrolls or Summoning Pieces from the Guild Shop is also possible in some situations. Material monsters are lost after fusion and any runes attached also get lost. You cant use locked monsters as material monsters.

Summoners War water phoenix fusion recipe

Players can check for recipe monsters, that can be summoned, on various websites. Summoners War water phoenix fusion is, of course, very important for every player looking the game from progressive perspective. This is the level an experienced player wishes to achieve. The game video hopefully shows this technique because this is most important part of the Summoners war game.


Sigmarus fusion chart is something that a player learns from Fusion Hexagram, and makes his own approach of fusion and awakening. This is the level at which the Summoners war player has a solid base, a level at which someone has satisfaction of achieving through efforts made in this game.