Siam Sev: The Name That Specializes in Electric Vehicles

Posted on Feb 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

H Sem Motor is a leading dealership in electric vehicles. With over four decades of experience in automotive industry, this company raised its business to a new height, combining technology, services and customer service. The manufacturer and distributor of electric golf carts, electric tricycles and multi-purpose tricycle engines is confident of its leadership performance. This company has made an elusive contribution to Thailand by manufacturing and selling of eco-friendly, fuel saving, and cost-effective electric vehicles.

Siam Sevs specialty

The companys details can be found on the website and it can be contacted on the website. There is not much to tell about this company because the company has big name in a diversity of electric vehicles in three and four wheels. Electric golf cart, multipurpose golf cart, electric motor car, electric view car, and electric tricycle are its famous vehicles. Golf carts are multi-utility vehicles that are used in manufacturing, industrial business tourism, transportation, and medical industries.

Positive factors of Siam Sev

This company has many positive factors that attributed to its growth in past four decades. The electric vehicles offered by this company are warranted up to three years, and even battery carries a warranty of one year. The after-sales service is very important for every customer buying a vehicle, and this company has marvelous after-sales service with facility of free check-up in Thailand. Siam Sev employs expert and experienced qualified technicians, knowledgeable about service matters of electric vehicles, and you can expect high-performance service output from technical staff of Siam Sev. Siam Sev services have been rated excellent by many past customers are this company.

Buy an electric vehicle from Siam Sev

You may visit Siam Sev for exclusive class of electric vehicles such as electric golf cart, multipurpose golf cart, electric motor car, electric view car, and electric tricycle. These vehicles are used in various industries for different purposes. Siam Sev is the name you can trust for purchase of electric vehicles.