Self-development Can Make Good Communicator an Influential Public Speaker

Posted on Jan 4, 2019 in Uncategorized

Self-development is a generic term which is used in various contexts. It refers to the course by which an individuals personality or skills are progressively developed. This is not a simple process because an individual has to pass through metamorphic changes that creates a new personality of his or her individualism. The changes involved in this development process are gradual and are never-ending because a personality continues to develop over years as a perpetual process.

Self-development in public speaking

Lets take an instance of 자기계발in public speaking. This is one of the most crucial issues. Public speakers are not born but created. This is a type of skill very few people are able to achieve in their lifetime. Someone can be fluent in English speaking but this doesnt mean that he can always be a good public speaker? You wont agree but this is true. The reason is lack of self-confidence. Someone can be influential in a room meeting but his influence may not be dominating during a public address. Thus, language command and public speaking are two different scenarios or say two ends of a communicative system.


How self-development helps

How a fluent speaker can become confident and effective public speaker? This question has a simple answer. Two things are needed so that two ends can meet and a language command catches public speaking skills. One is self-confidence and another is self-development. Self-confidence leads to development of skills, but its a time-taking process. How much time it takes? It depends on ones enthusiasm to learn and achieve the desired level. There is no upper limit to this level because development process continues till someone makes efforts.


We arrive at a conclusion that a process of development makes someone confident and efficient in performance of some task, for instance, a good communicator may become a good public speaker. This is the way to develop a skill.