How & Why Price of a Luxury Real Estate Ascends

Posted on Dec 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

The luxury is a label on the property which depicts its features. These features start from property location and extend to external aesthetic, high-end interior finishing, high-grade professional appliances, all 5-star amenities, customized fittings and fixtures, and more luxurious features. the prices of รับสร้างบ้านหรู are determined by the existence of all the above features and their quality.

Factors for valuation of a luxury real estate

Lets take above features one by one in a luxury home. The valuation of a luxury property begins from its location. The properties located on posh location or in the heart of a city are apparently high-priced; the area is not an exception because the price is always taken for per square foot/yard/meter area, or per acre for huge areas. The construction is another factor that decides the property price.


The property constructed with high-priced modern construction material and high-end interior finishing fetches a high price. The house plan is not least important because a property having a viable construction plan, offering higher advantages of available space, is high-priced. Besides, high professional grade appliances in a constructed house play an important role in determining its market price. The amenities and other features covered under the definition of luxury add more to the price.

Establishing price criteria for luxury real estate

The discussion on above features illustrate one thing that a residential real estate luxury can be partial or comprehensive. The price escalates as luxury features move towards comprehensiveness. A luxury house building company establishes the price criteria based on these features. the individuals preferences are sometimes added to the price, which make further price escalation. The high-end has no sky limit because price range of luxuries has wide gap to fill extra money to generate more luxuries. This offers a leverage for a luxury property investor to decide. A small investor can place the budget limit, but an investor having control over money power can invest lavishly.