How Do Executive Search Thailand Agencies Work?

Posted on Dec 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

Business organizations, especially corporates, are required to recruit highly qualified personnel for senior and executive level positions such as CEO, President, VP, etc. to manage their business affairs. This is not an easy task because recruitment process is not as simple as recruiting other categories of staff. The selection process requires a complex procedure from executive search, usually referred to as headhunting, and then going for various rounds of personal interviews and discussions. Since recruitment is for a critical position, a meticulous selection process is derived by the top level of the organization.

executive search thailand

About executive search Thailand

Executive search is the foremost important part of the selection process for an executive position which requires hiring of the services of a headhunting or executive recruitment service. The scenario is same almost everywhere across the globe. For instance, the executive search Thailand, the recruitment agencies maintaining database of aptly qualified candidates for senior and executive level position play a big role. These agencies receive demands from the organizations seeking recruitment of senior level personnel or executives.

Functioning of executive search Thailand agencies

How these agencies headhunt? The executive search Thailand agencies perform this specialized recruitment function. The activity requires identifying and searching appropriate candidates having qualification, skills and experience matching organizational requirements. These agencies have their own database of suitable candidates seeking job change, or pick candidates a suitable candidate from some other organization, like a rival company, by making a lucrative offer to the candidate. The pick one or more right candidates for the specific position, conduct a preliminary interview and shortlist them before passing their resume to the organization.

Executive search Thailand agencies services

The executive search Thailand agencies are specialized services that work on behalf of their organizational clients and provide personnel qualified to head various departments of the business or organization as a whole. These clients are usually permanent, but some organizations hire them occasionally for some specific need. They charge for their service.