Do You Know The Concept of Fake urine?

Posted on Oct 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

Urine in the human body is made up of several components. Well, best fake urine is just apart from the normal urine. It is basically used to pass the drug urine test. It manages the pH level of urine from 5 to 10. The gravity of the urine also lies in between 1.003-1.035.

best fake urine

The fake urine frequently does not comes up in the form of a liquid, it is in the form of powder, and you have to make it dilute by your own. As, the option of liquid urine is much better as it is ready to use immediately, withal usually it requires you to heat the diluted mixture before you handover it. The normal urine which usually exits in your body comprises of a definite temperature, which requires to be same in the best fake urine. Therefore, in the powdered form, you have to make use of some amount of water so that it will mix up well, and many of the times it comes up with the heating agent too.


Method to use fake urine

You must set up the matter before you went through the lab, and also you have to make the sample ready according to the certain temperature. Simply you need to just put up the sample into a microwave and heat it up for almost 10-12 seconds. Make sure not to store it in microwave for more than 12 seconds. When you reach the fixed temperature as the normal urine, then this best fake urine behaves same as the original urine. Now, place the bottle on the heating pad, so that it is helpful in maintaining the temperature. The method is quite easy and anybody can use this method if you want to save out from the drug test. This method will surely help you out to get rid of your problem.